Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Episode 61: DJ Wild Bill the Motley Brony

This week the gals bring in DJ Wild Bill to spice things up! We talk about Motley Crew, give out youranswers about if you made headlines, answer your questions and perfect the artof going off topic.

0:00 - Intro
0:00:45 - What We Did This Week
0:22:15 - Entertainment News
1:01:45 - Spotlight
1:49:40 - Listener Question
2:02:15 - Questions for the Hosts
2:42:16 - Song of the Week
2:47:06 - Outtakes

Recorded April 24, 2012

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Episode 60: OY! ZOMBIES!

The Zombie Godfather, George Romero enters our spotlight! We have a great time giving you some news, find out what kind of talking animals you'd like for pets as well as answer some great questions from our listeners.

* Former Guns N' Roses Members Perform With Myles Kennedy at Rock Hall Induction
* Doctor Who Filming in NYC
* Watch 20 awesome minutes of behind-the-scenes Avengers footage
* Madonna Has Biggest Sales Drop in History
* Adam McKay Teases 'Anchorman 2' Details and Other Cast Returns
* ‘Simpsons’ Reveal Where Springfield Is
* Guy regrets his Twilight tattoo, covers with a Spielberg Lost Boy
* 30 Rock Announces End Date
* If You're a Fan of The Blair Witch Project, Severed Footage Is For You
* J.K. Rowling Starts Work on the Harry Potter Encyclopedia
* Getting to Know Voice Actors in New Doc Trailer 'I Know That Voice'
* Google Maps and Map of the Dead Teams Up To Help You

TOPIC OF THE WEEK – George Romero
SONG OF THE WEEK - We Are Young by Fun


Show Notes


Recorded on April 16, 2012

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Episode 59: Indiana Jones and the Pursuit for the Anti-Monkey Butt

Slick and Nic are taking going spelunking with one of cinema's greatest explorers...Indiana Jones. We had loads of fun questions from you, the audience, as well we find out what y'all wanted to be when you grew up. Grab your gear and come adventuring with us!

Intro - 00:43
News - 15:35
Spotlight - 58:35
What If Question for Listeners - 1:34:45
Questions for the Hosts - 1:51:18

* James Cameron's new TV show will have robots fighting to the death
* Vegas Enterprise Left on the Cutting Room Floor
* Ben Kingsley will be the Iron Man 3 baddie—but as who?
* Weird Al Sues Sony
* Dethklok’s Reunion Tour Begins April 29 With The Return Of ‘Metalocalypse’!
* Changes for Miss Universe to Include Transgenders
* Simon Pegg Loses His Mind In ‘A Fantastic Fear of Everything’ Trailer Premiere!
* Del Toro to Give Master Class at Toronto Film Fest
* David Gordon Green Determined To Remake ‘Suspiria'
* Jim Henson’s TV Pitch
* Look which Walking Dead guest star just became a season 3 regular

* TOPIC OF THE WEEK – Indiana Jones Movie Franchise
* SONG OF THE WEEK - Ain't No Rest for the Wicked by Cage the Elephant


Recorded on April 10, 2012

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Episode 58: The Craft of Love

This girls are not alone this week. We invited Andy aka CobraCommanderTFW to come talk about the love for the Godfather of Thrillers, Jeffrey Combs. We answer your questions as well as read your homework about what band names you've come up with. We worry about some of you. Enjoy!

• Sin City 2 & Machete Kills to Film This Year
• Beatles 2?
• 1st Official Picture of Doctor Who's New Companion
• Worst Movie of the Year Sweeps Razzies
• Bane's co-creator refuses to watch 'monumentally bad' Batman & Robin
• Oh Please No …Twins Sequel with Eddie Murphy
• Anchorman 2 Is Happening
• James Bond Short for the London Olympics
• Got Space On Your DVR? "Hellraiser" Series On The Way
• Hitler's Barracks to become a Resort
• New Star Wars videogame robs Han Solo of his dignity
• TOPIC OF THE WEEK – Jeffrey Combs
• SONG OF THE WEEK - 'Toy Boy' by Mika


Recorded on April 3, 2012