Thursday, October 27, 2011

Episode 44: Off Topic Suspense

So much to talk about on and off topic. This week we feature the Master of Suspense himself, Alfred Hitchcock, talk about on screen deaths and even some celebrity gossip.

* Pregnancy Is No Blessing In Brian Netto's DELIVERY
* Matt Smith Retiring as Doctor After His Third Season
* Yoda rescues autistic girl and saves a wedding. Really
* Dark Knight Rises Has 6 Minute Promo on Mission Impossible
* Ben Affleck will take on The Stand
* Steven Tyler Injured
* Anthrax Singer Tackled By Security During L.A. Concert
* Beverly Hills Cop TV Series
* Ray Manzarek's Doors novel "The Poet in Exile" to be adapted for the big screen
* Dark Tower On the Rise...AGAIN with Conflicting Reports
* John Carpenter's First Student Film is Unearthed at USC!
* Zombieland TV Show

TOPIC OF THE WEEK - Alfred Hitchcock
~ Walking with a Ghost by Tegan and Sara
~ Walk this Way by Aerosmith
~ Madhouse by Anthrax
~ Light My Fire by The Doors

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