Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Episode 49: Good Bye 2011, Hello 2012...BRING IT!

Time to play catch up from our time off and welcome the new 2012 in! Who shall win the epic battles of your choosing and what happens to your host caught in a time loop? Find out!

* MEMORIAL - Bob Weston
* MEMORIAL - Pedro Armendariz Jr.

* Best Wished for Tony Iommi
* Director Straps On Skis For Supernatural-Yeti-Horror Based On 'Matterhorn' Ride
* Paranormal Activity 4 in the Works
* A classic (and furry) Doctor Who monster may be back next season
* Police Academy Remake On It's Way
* Seth Rogen's 'The Apocalypse' To Be Cameo Laden
* Celebrity Apprentice Cast Revealed...Hey I Know Most of These Names!
* Twister Sister Frontman Talks About His Appearance On 'The Celebrity Apprentice
* Wonder Woman Costume Will be Shown on TV
* We've Discovered Who Plays The Lead In 'The Evil Dead' Remake -- Meet The New Ash!
* Not Good For Twinkies

TOPIC OF THE WEEK - Best of TV and Movies 2011
SONG OF THE WEEK - Howlin' for You by Black Keys

Recorded January 10, 2012

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