Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Episode 51: Kickin' It Kurgan Style

Lots of great news to go along with a great spotlight of Clancy Brown; a wonder among Hollywood. We answer your questions as well as see what your personal "Theme Songs" are.

* Guy gets jail time for dual lightsaber attack at a toy store
* Garth Brooks Wins Settlement Against Hospital
* Outsider Pictures Acquires 'Juan of the Dead' For Theatrical Run
* Cthulhu Transformers = Something We’d Never Thought We’d See
* Special 3D Glasses for Select Theaters for “Avengers”
* Peter Criss Talks About His Upcoming Memoir
* US Government: X-Men and Other Superheros are Officially Not Human
* Which Sundance horror flick is so gross it made a grown man faint?
* Changes to the U.S. X-Factor
* Bruce Campbell visited Blastr—and answered YOUR questions!
* Lepers Scene Cut Due to Being Offensive

TOPIC OF THE WEEK - Clancy Brown
SONG OF THE WEEK - 'Friends in Low Places' by Garth Brooks

Recorded January 31, 2012

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